Crosstown Trail #755

Trail Highlights

Crosstown Trail parallels Government Camp above and north of the village so locals use it as a way to get from one end of “town” to the other. On the eastern end, the trail goes through mostly Lodge Pole Pine forest and on its western end, stands of Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Hemlock trees become more common. Crosstown Trail links several other trails making it a key route in the area.

Trail Description

While rated more difficult, it is close to being an “easier” trail. This trail’s grade and construction makes a good choice for adventurous novice mountain bikers. Instead of a continuous uphill or downhill, the trail rolls while gaining 400′ when traveling west to east over its 3 miles.

Regulations & Leave No Trace Information

Crosstown Trail has the brush and trees cleared wider than most summer trails. This wide clearing improves its winter use. It may be tempting to widen the trail surface itself by walking side by side or by passing other mountain bikers by going through vegetation. Please resist this. The cumulative impact of this can eventually lead to a trail that feels more like a road.

Mountain bikers – when you come up on other trail users from behind, slow down and let them know you would like to pass.

All users – when you reach Summit Ski area, travel only on the marked single track in summer months. In winter there are unique etiquette considerations. Skiers, snowshoers and hikers are asked to respect the “tracks” that each user group has pioneered in the snow. For example, if a skier has been on the trail first, the snowshoer or hiker that comes next should pioneer his or her own track in.

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Directions to Trailhead

Take U.S. 26 towards Government Camp. At 0.5 mi. west of Government Camp, turn northwards into the Glacier View Snopark. The trailhead is on the east side of the parking area and is at an elevation of 3600′. This trailhead is the western end of Crosstown Trail.


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Northwest Forest Pass Required May 1-Nov 14
Snopark Pass Required Nov 15 – April 30
Distance 3.0 miles
Elevation 3600'-4000'
Snow Free May to Early November
Difficulty More difficult
Uses Hikers, Bikes, XC Skiers, Snowshoers