The Ten Best Places for Snowmobiling in the USA

Snowmobiling is probably one of the most popular of all winter time activities. If you are one of the people who think that heaven can be found on the back of a snowmobile then you know that the US is home to some of the most beautiful snowmobiling sites in the world.

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Michigan has always been a winter state and the proof positive is the hundreds if not thousands of people who travel to the state with their snowmobiles. The huge wooded areas in Michigan, particularly close to the lakes, make for some fun and excitement when one is riding their snowmobile.

Maine is one of the colder states in the US and is also home to a lot of snowfall each and every year. For some this means terrible roads and school cancellations. For others it means a beautiful place to take the snowmobile out. The heavily wooded areas surrounded by vast fields are perfect for those with their machines.

Colorado is known for many things, skiing and snowmobiling included. The mountain regions come alive in the winter months as people take to the slopes for all of their skiing action. The same is true for those with the snowmobiles as they tear up the landscape through the woods and open fields, spraying snow in every direction.

Washington State is beautiful all year round, but for the snowmobilers, there is no time like winter. The giant forests across the state give way to massive fields where a snowmobile has more than enough room to gain some high speed. The beauty of the area is not lost on these people who love to stop and snap a few pictures from the back of their machines.

Wyoming is perfect for those that love to rip across the landscape with a snowmobile. Besides being so beautiful one can hardly stand it, Wyoming caters to the snowmobile crowd in high fashion. There are camps all across the state that are setup only for people with snowmobiles and they fill up quickly early in the winter months. 

Utah is made for sports like snowmobiling and there are more than enough people who are willing to take full advantage of the area. The vast open space seems to call the riders to this state where some of the finest views can be seen while taking the machine for a spin on a winter afternoon.

When you think snow you most certainly think of Alaska. That is why Alaska is home to one of the largest populations of snowmobile enthusiasts in the entire world. The early onset of winter and the wide open spaces make this state one of the best sites for snowmobiling in the world.

There is a lot more to Wisconsin than cheese, just ask anyone who happens to own a snowmobile. The mountains are a perfect haven for lovers of this past time, and people the world over come to this state to see the views and spray some snow.

New Hampshire is big on winter time activities and snowmobiling is one of the biggest of them. The ski resorts in the state have found a new market and they now cater directly to those that come to the area with their snowmobiles in tow.

Vermont has taken snowmobiling to the next step. The number of places that rent the machines and also offer some of the finest in areas to ride is proof positive of the beauty that Vermont has to offer. Make your reservations early or risk not having the chance to blow snow in this magical winter wonderland.

So here you have it: the ten best spots to snowmobile in the States. Pick one or more for your next vacation, and be sure to snowmobile safely!