Buying Ski Equipment for Beginners

If you have tried Skiing and decided that it is a sport that you want to indulge in frequently, then you need to buy the right kind of equipment. Knowing what is out there, and how much it can cost is important to making the right choices.

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Have you considered renting ski equipment?

If you find that you can only go skiing once or twice a year then you might look into renting ski equipment. You can get the basics for around $25 dollars a day or $35 for higher end gear. If you factor in that many of the resorts replace their equipment yearly then you will be using the newest and least used equipment. Also by renting you do not have to worry about having to not only store your equipment when you are not using it but also transporting to and from the resort. Also if you are looking to buy equipment for children then you need to know that they out grow it every year and this isn’t just the Skis but also their Boots as well.

Buying Ski Equipment

If you are thinking of buying your equipment then you need to know a whole outfit can cost easily $400 to over a thousand dollars. However there are ways to trade equipment and places to buy used but still good quality equipment. No matter if you are looking into new or used, buying outright or trading you need to go to the people who know. Skiing holidays can be very exhilarating, however having the wrong equipment can ruin it for you. By going to the right people you can be assured that you will get a good product and the right kind of advice.

Buying Advice

When buying each piece of equipment you need to consider the following advice, it is meant to fit your body and no one else. The boot has to fit and fit snugly, they keep you connected to the skis and a loose boot means a loose ride and can cause serious problems. How stiff the boot is another part to consider, if you are out in the cold the boot will be stiff so while trying it on in the shop you need to choose a more flexible or softer one. The better made the boot the longer it will take to break in, so no going out for a long run in them the first day. If you find that your boot does not fit so great any longer you can look into foot beds to save you a few hundred dollars.

Next is the Skis themselves, and when you go to buy these take your boots with you. The length of ski you will need depends on both your weight and height; longer heavier people need a longer and wider ski than thin shorter people. When trying on the skis do not be afraid to take a test run on one the shops demo days. This is another place where renting can come in handy by allowing you the chance to try on different styles without committing to only one pair.

What to do

Choosing between buying and renting is up to you and how much you can afford to spend on it at one time. Consider renting and trying out the products while saving money to buy them.