Hiking Makes Body-building Simple

Hiking must be the easiest body building method. You don’t need to have strong muscles or professional technique. Both old people and kids can take part in hiking. You will be healthy just by walking.

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What is hiking?
Hiking means walking along paths in mountains. Hiking is different from mountain climbing. You can have a long trip or a short one in hiking. Hiking is loved by people because of the natural scenery and human landscape on the way. 

History of hiking
The word hiking comes from the excursion in Nepal in 2060s. To people in Nepal, such a mountainous country, walking is the main way of traveling. Hiking became popular after that.

Hiking’s benefits
In hiking perhaps mountains is most attractive. There are also many other charms, such as the beautiful villages, houses of special styles and the fascinating temples. Of course, your partner is another reason. Traveling can make friends closer.  
Hiking is called healthy trip. During hiking you can consume your energy slowly and get close to the nature. Walking can exercise your muscles and relieve stress. You will meet many new things during the trip. It is interesting. You can also gain a lot of knowledge at the same time. 
What you should carry with for hiking
1. Enough money 
2. Bag. A rucksack (waterproof) and a waist pack. Clothes and other things are put in the rucksack. Valuables and common things are put in the waist pack. Waist pack should be put in front of you. Two purses. (One is for money enough for a day. The other one is for the rest money. Usually you don’t take out this purse.) 

3. Perfect instrument, including I.D. card and student ID.
4. Hiking boot (proofed and breathable), hiking pole, sun bonnet, T-shirt, shirt, thin coat and jeans.
If you have a trip in autumn or winter, you have to carry knit thermals, sweater, gloves, scarf and velour hat. 
5. Tent, sleeping bag, non-slip mat, dampproof mat and inflatable pillow. 
6. Mini cooker, kitchen ware, kettle, thermos bottle and soup ladle
7. Camera, enough film, telescope, sunglasses and headlight
8. Articles for daily use
Towel, shampoo, soap, cleaning foam, sun cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, moisturizer, toilet paper, clothes, socks, slippers, toilet water, plastic bags, strings, lighter, torch and so on. 
9. Stationery
Notebook, pen, telephone book, compass, map, writing paper, envelop and pin.
10. Enough food 
Chocolate, beef jerky, powdered milk, quick served noodle, salt, nuts, fruits and mineral water. 
11. Medicine and gauze
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